Looped C Spool Air Valve

rdrdIntroducing the new & unique Looped C Spool Air Valve. This device with a radically new design offers increases switching reliability and increase life expectancy of all components such as the spool springs, spool seals and the sleeve.

Due to the way both konetic power and air pressure are controlled, the new Looped C drastically reduces the change of spool centering thus increasing the pumps Non-stall capabilities. Moreover due to the smoother stroke, harder materials, reduced friction and lightweight design there ist much less wear and tear on the spool components. This valve is fully interchangeable with all previous C-pring actuated spool pump models.


Features & technical specifications

  • Mechanical, loopec C-spring assisted air spool
  • Radical new spring design (patent pending)
  • Stronger sping material
  • New spool shaft manufactured from lightweight aluminium
  • Superior use of sping generated kinetic power and air pressure ensuring increased shifting reliability
  • Long power band ensures a steady transfer of power throughout the full spool stroke
  • Drastically reduces the chances of spool centering and increases the life expectancy of all spool components
  • Lubrication free. No grease packing or airline oil lubrication reqiured during normal operation


New Spool Sleeve

  • Fully patented manufacturing process using a unique coating
  • Harder sufrace finish: Up to 30% harder than current models
  • Increases RA finish allowing less friction between seal rings and sleeve
  • Creates a smoother stroke with less wear and tear
  • Increased abrasive resistance: Inceased by 4 compared to current models
  • Increases life expectancy of all spool components
  • Increased chemical resistance
  • Increases spool shifting reliability
  • No major increase in price
  • Lubrication free. No grease packing or airline oil lubrication required during normal operation


The evolution of the mechanically assisted C-spring spool valveD253A-1

  • Trademarks and patent pending
  • Radical new and unique technology
  • Increases non-stall reliability
  • Longer operation lifetime before service
  • Lubrication free
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Longer life expectancy of all spool components
  • Fully interchangeable with all previous C-spool model pumps
  • Only available from YTS Pump Engineering