Rotary Valves

They can cater for rotary valves for all applications from feeding non-abrasive food products by gravity to extremely abrasive products that mvcould not normally be handed using a rotary valve.

The basic blowing seal is ideal for low abrasion products such as wheat flour and is used extensively in bakeries. For medium abrasive products the RBS heavy duty blowing seal has features that give longer wear life. For very abrasive products the TWA rotary valve has an enviable track record and is, we beilieve, the most abrasion resistant valve on the market today. For the unltimate in longevity the TWA can be fitted with alumina ceramic wear parts. The MV valve is idea for general purpose gravity applications. Where poor flowing products are handled, the SR easy flow valve has a straight drop in and out without any restrictions to prevent the product bridging or hanging.

Where lumpy materials are bing handled, MID produces the only offset on the market that can handle up to 50mm lumps without damage. A true side feed, allowing the product to settle in the pocket before moving round the valve stops the rotor tips from „chopping“ the product. And of course all of our rotary valves can be fitted with the renowned ultra-reliable maintenance free mechanical shaft seals, dramatically reducing maintenance and downtime.


Slide Valves

MID’s range of slide valves cover a wide variety of applications from a simple knockover slide for emergency maintenance to a full ni-hard fsvreinforced knifegate valve that can be used on pneumatic conveying lines carrying abrasive products. The FSV fabricated range can be made in any square or rectangular shape and from any materials available in sheet form. Stuffing box seals can be replaced by spring loaded self-adjusting seals for reliability and low maintenance. The TESV totally enclosed range is a cast unit with a close tolerance machined metal to metal seat and no chest seal. It’s the ideal choice for frequent cylcling applications such as vehicle loading.

The GV „Reiss type“ knifegate valve is well proven where a soft seat is required to hold pressure. They are abrasion resistant, reliable and adjustable while under pressure. The Cement valve is a cross between an FSV and a TESV and is ideally suited to frequent cycling applications for very abrasive materials. There is no chest seal to maintain and as the plate is mounted on sealed roller bearings it can be used time and time again with little or no downtime. Of course if one of our standard range does not fit your application, we specialise in one-off, custom designs so can design and supply a valve to exactly match your requirements.


Diverted Valves

Their range starts with the ST diverter valve which is a popular model for non-abrasive products in bakeries etc.multiway

The TSY is a heavier duty valve which has a heavy duty, thick polyurethane tongue seal housed in a recess out of the product flow giving the valve exceptional longevity. The Multiway (shown above) diverts from one inlet to multiple outlets (or can be used to converge lines) and is an exceptionally reliable piece of equipment- they have been used continuously for over 20 years with minimal spares. For gravity applications the GR heavy duty diverter is very solidly built. Unlike other gravity diverters, this valve is fabricated from thick steel plate, not folded from gauge material. The vane has spring loaded, self compensating seals to ensure dust tightness. Of course we can also manufacture to specification- very large, very small or exotic materials are all pretty standard for us.

Butterfly Valves

Their butterfly valves are designed specifically for use with powders- they are not a „general purpose“ valve that was designed bvdrop

primarily for use with liquids.Cast versions come in BV flanged (shown) and WBV wafer pattern, to fit between standard PN flanges. Our speciality, however, is non-standard units, fabricated and fully machined to suit your connection. Any materials can be used that can be fabricated from carbon and stainless steel through to pure PTFE and Hastelloy. Seat materials to suit your application vary from nitrile and viton to PTFE encapsulated custom made silicone cored seals. For very high temperatures gland packing shaft seals and metal seats are used.


Dyris Valves

The Dyris has proven over the years of manufacture to be an effective solution for the fine control of powdered products.dyris

Unlike other iris valves, the resiliant natural rubber sleeve is not twisted but is clamped by a series of steel ‚petals‘ arranged in a similar fashion to a camera aperture mechanism. In the event that a sleeve is damaged, the valve can still be used until the end of the production run when the sleeve can be changed at a convenient time. The valve can easily be fitted with a dribble feed mechanism for accurate weighing and dispensing. A common application for the valve is mounted on big bag dischargers where the positive clamping force of the valve is used to squeeze the sock on a bulk bag to control the flow of powder, especially during the untying phase of the unloading.