GRI – High quality metering pumps

Gormann Rupp industries is the manufacturer of pumps for metering and general purposes. These pumps are being used mostly in Graphic Industries but also as build-in pumps in many other machinery such as:

  • Dispensers
  • Laboratory
  • Dish washers
  • and also applicable as stand-alone pumps

The GRI pumps are adaptable to resist chemical influences. They are acid resistant and sodium hypochlorite resistant.



The left picture shows a typical One-Stroke-Dispensing pump for build-in purposes. It pumps up to 55 ml. each stroke. At the right a Piston-Diaphragm pump is shown. It is built in copiers and printers to grease axes and bearings with less than a part of a drop each stroke.


Contact our specialized sales staff for the right advice for the most suited GRI Metering Pump for your application. Testing Samples will be available for OEM manufacturers.