HETHON POWDER – bigbag unloading system

GME bigbag emptying systems are suited to handle bigbags that are filled with compacting bridging or ratholing powders. To get the bad flowing powders out of the bag, the bottom of the bag is being moved constantly by 4 independently moving plates. The air cilinders that drive the 4 bottoms are hidden mounted in the stainless steel frame. The bag spout is to open in a dust-free relay hopper.


The unloading frame can be connected to all kinds of other equipment. The picture above at the right shows an integrated Hethon Feeder model 80 with extension hopper to fill drums through a VanWyk Dispensing System.

In the relay hopper a special Sack-Spout Valve can be mounted. This allows to remove a partly emptied bigbag from the station.


Troubles to empty your bigbags with flour, lime, carbon or other nasty products? Contact GME for a solution!