GME powder handling solutions – Toner filling equipment



The GME cartrige filling machine above is a part of a semi-automatic system, based on weighing the cartridge, tarring its weight and start filling.
At setpoint dosing is stopped.
Several connections are available for dust removing. It can be connected to a filter system (accessories), for a clean environment. The users have a range of our Big-Bag discharge system/cartridge filling units connected to cartridge filling units and they are satisfied with both our installations and service.
Are you going to be one of them too?
Discharging toner from Big-Bags needs some special knowledge, about the equipment as well as concerning the specific toner product behaviour GME has the knowledge to design and produce the most optimal equipment for every application.
High accuracy.
Our machines have proved to be accurate, deviations up to 1 gram. No time is wasted by hand-filling the the last grams. It creates working place free from dust. We have a range of weigh controllers to meet your special requirements too.

GME has a large range of outlet nozzles available. Fixed nozzles for one kind of cartridges, also quick-interchangeable nozzles for different filling holes of the cartridges.

Dosing screws.
A large range of dosing screws, fixed or interchangeable are available.

CE and ATEX.
All equipment is made according to CE or ATEX regulations.

Dust free.
The dust suction nozzle is the best solution for a clean working enviroment. .

Our engineering department assures an optimal functioning machine, built to your special requirements. A simple hand filling dosing machine as well as an aut. dosing system filled from Big-Bags. Our Big-Bag handling installations are very reliable for toner applications. Equipment from a house with over 30 years of experience.

Our test room is available to assure the optimal functioning and efficient machine for every application.

All parts in contact with the toner are made of stainless steel or plastics and easy to clean.

If you are interested in our toner filling equipment, we would like to ask you to send us your request, sort of toner and quantities of cartridges needed. We will make you an offer with a data sheet for your application.