YTS Diaphragm pumps


Air powered diaphragm pumps (AODD pumps) by YTS are used for safely pumping corrosive chemicals, slurries, slurries with abrasive particles, viscous liquids, oils, adhesives, inks, and flammable liquids. YTS pumps are self-priming and can run dry. If the drain is closed, the pump stops, which has no harmful effects. They are easy to move and easy to operate with variable flow rates and variable pressures. Air powered diaphragm pumps are suitable for many industrial applications. 



YTS produced its first diaphragm pumps in 1978 and has since been a leading diaphragm pump manufacturer with many satisfied users all over the world, although YTS is primarily known as a manufacturer. YTS pumps were put on the market under the name Yamada. In 2012, YTS decided to put its own, newly designed products onto the market. 

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Some characteristics of the diaphragm pumps by YTS:

Easy installation and operation: the pumps are compact, lightweight, and portable. They can be deployed in almost any (work) environment. You only need to connect air and fluid lines. It is not necessary to affix the pump before use. The pump can be started up and stopped using an air valve or a control valve. A valve can be mounted on the pump’s liquid drain. The pump will start when opened and stop when closed.


Compressed air powered and very safe: The diaphragm pumps are powered by compressed air; no electricity is required. Various pumps can be grounded and are safe to use with flammable liquids and/or in potentially explosive environments. Most models are available with ATEX certification.


Self-priming: The diaphragm pump is self-priming, which means it can draw from a lower liquid level (even with an empty suction pipe) without the use of special tools or special start-up procedures.


Runs dry: Because there are no narrow, rotating, or sliding parts, the pump can run dry for a long period without any adverse effects.


Pumps with sealed drain: The drain pipe can be completely sealed without the pump suffering any damage or wear. The pump will simply stop running.


No lubrication required: YTS diaphragm pumps do not require any form of lubrication. Therefore, you can work with dry and filtered air. The pumps are clean and easy to maintain. They do not generate any pollutants in the work environment or contamination in the liquids. 


YTS  Diaphragm pumps overvieuw


 D 030 

 1/4" Standard diphragm pumps 1 to 8 L/min.

 D 050

 1/4" Standard diaphragm pumps 1 to 11,7 L/min.


 D 100 101

 3/8" Standard diaphragm pumps 1 to 22 L/min.


 D 102

 3/8" Standard diaphragm pumps 1 to 22 L/min.



 1/2" Standard diaphragm pumps1 to 28 L/min.



 1/2" Standard diaphragm pumps 1 to 51 L/min.


 D 152

 1/2" Standard diaphragm pumps 1 to 60 L/min.


 D 202

 3/4" Standard diaphragm pumps 1 to 120 L/min.


 D 252

 1" Standard diaphragm pumps 1 to 170 L/min.


 D 253

 1" Standard diaphragm pumps 1 to 220 L/min.


 D 500

 2" Standard diaphragm pumps  1 to 730 L/min.



 1/4", 1/2" & 1" PTFE diaphragm pumps to 150 L/min.