Vacuum pumps

Hethon sells vacuum pumps of the Fürgut brand in the Netherlands. The vacuum pumps of Fürgut are all working oil-free!
Fürgut pumps are applied for, for example, gas analysis, gas warning systems, vacuum tweezers, laboratory and medical technology, as well as in aviation and aerospace.
In addition to the pumps, Hethon also provides many accessories, including various hose fittings, air and smoke gas filters, throttle valves, compression fittings, mounting brackets, pressure and vacuum measurement equipment, flow measurement equipment with and without flaps, silencers, check valves, suction cups…


These pumps are available in a DC version from 1.5 to 24 Volts. They are very compact. The pumps in the DC-Series can reach a maximum differential pressure of 150 mbar with a flow rate of approximately 55 l/min.


The larger pumps, the AC-series, all operate at 230 Volts. The differential pressure is up to 700 mbar with a flow rate of up to 5 l/min.



VT4.4 VT4.8

These pumps can be deployed in vacuum installations with various vacuum extraction points. Type VT4.8 has a flow rate of 135 l/min and a differential pressure of 850 mbar.
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