Hethon Feeder Accessories


Hethon extension hoppers

The capacity of the Hethon Feeder can be increased by placing an extension hopper on top of it. The size of this hopper depends on the capacity and the product to be dosed. 

Hethon bag emptying bunkers 

Hethon bag emptying bunkers are tailor-made products and are suitable for mounting upon a feeder or other equipment. They can be equipped with a dust removal unit with self-cleansing filter and, if desired, with a safety switch. Bags are emptied over a grid to avoid contamination.

Hethon screws

Hethon Feeders can be equipped with many options. Screws come standard in stainless steel 316. They are available in many different variants, including with an open or dense core, which can be made removable. Different screw shapes are also available. 
For an overview of the different screw capacities, click here.

Hethon nozzles  

The Hethon Feeder comes standard with an open nozzle. Depicted here is a T-nozzle, which allows for controlled product dosage. 

Hethon measurement and control electronics

Hethon Feeders are available with advanced measurement and control electronics, such as: 
  • Frequency-controlled capacity control for volumetric and continuous or batch dosing.
  • Fine dosing control with high/low speed for accurate batch doses.
  • Inputs and outputs for external signals for automatic dosing.
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