Vacuum conveyor - VacuFeed


For the dust-free transfer of powders and granules, Hethon has designed the VacuFeed: a vacuum conveyor that combines all the advantages of various existing equipment into one machine.
The VacuFeed can serve as a product feeder and be made to fit on, for example, Hethon Feeders, a mixer, or a filling machine, just to name a few.
The VacuFeed is also suitable for dust-free emptying of bulk packaging such as bags, tubs, and barrels.
The VacuFeed is available in four models that are all made of matte stainless steel. Depending on the conveying needs, the VacuFeed delivers a flow rate from 300 to 3,500 l/h. The required vacuum for the FacuFeed can be obtained by means of a pneumatic or an electrical system.
All the models are modular and are available in different capacities by placing spacers. The VacuFeeds are also equipped with an automatic, pneumatic filter cleaner.
Moreover, each VacuFeed is equipped with a pneumatically operated shut-off valve and an electric/pneumatic control unit.
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