Gorman-Rupp Industries, or GRI in short

is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of pumps. The continuous pursuit of technical innovation is inextricably linked to GRI’s business philosophy and reflected in its wide range of products. 

GRI pumps are used in many branches of the industry. Traditionally, the pumps in the printing industry are used for pumping development and fixative liquids and inks, but they are also very well suited for chemically aggressive fluids. The principle of GRI is that the pumps are seal-free. This means that no shaft seals or other dynamic seals are applied and the fluid is always located in a confined space. Because static seals such as O-rings and gaskets do not wear out, together with the chemically resistant casing and valves, they form a safe, sealed pump that enjoys great confidence in the integrated machine market due to its innovative character. 

Although production is set to decrease in large numbers, Hethon succeeds in keeping the various GRI pumps in stock in smaller numbers. Therefore, Hethon can provide single pumps for different applications.


Bellows metering pump

GRI bellows metering pumps are available in three models, each of which is available in various sizes. Multiple pump heads on one actuator is a standard possibility with all models. With each pump head, the flow rate is independently adjustable. The bellows, valves, and O-rings can be provided in different materials. Because of this, the GRI pumps are ideal for pumping chemicals. Although the bellow pumps are mainly used for precise dosing, due to their dry self-priming capability, they are also suitable for many other applications with flow rates up to about 3 L/min. per pump head. 


Piston-diaphragm pump 

GRI’s smallest pump, with a flow rate of 50 to 250 microlitres per stroke.




Compact bellows pump

GRI’s compact bellows pump for pressures up to 3.5 metre columns. 





Mini bellows pump

This mini bellows pump is made entirely out of plastic. The pump is used for low pressures and low rates.


Peristaltic pump

GRI’s peristaltic pumps are self-priming and only have one liquid-contact part: the tube. These pumps can handle multiple flow rates of up to 480 ml/min.




Oscillating pumps

GRI’s oscillating pumps are dry self-priming and have a maximum flow rate of 2 or 4 l/min.




Centrifugal pumps

Shown is a GRI magnetically driven centrifugal pump. This pump is available at Hethon in many models, with flow rates approximately from 14 to 140 l/min.